Sunday, March 18, 2007

No kids!

spot the difference

Today, because the weather was cooler we decided to take a hike... literally. We only ventured as far as the Barossa Goldfields. They are only 10 minutes or so but we have never been there. We walked for 1.5 hrs fairly easy except for a couple of hills. My knee held up well so we can step up the exercise now, thankgoodness. It was very interesting. The place was so quiet and pristine. You have got to love the Australian bush. The things that go on in your own back yard is incredible. Our history is so recent compared to other places in the world but it is still our history. We really enjoyed the day.

Our trip to town with Rachel's children

Last weekend Nick took Ryan, Bethany, Hannah and Sophie to the big smoke by train. He loves spending time with them, because he doesn't catch up with them through the week very often. Rachel and I had a meeting with prospective clients for a wedding in November. It is exciting to be stepping out of our comfort zone for our catering. Thanks to Rachel. We met Nick and the kids at our state library for and exhibition of Australian icons. That was very interesting for all but Sophie (21 mths.). the others had a find the artifact or display and write down answers to questions. That turned out to be a piece of cake for all of them . Even Hannah (nearly 4) was copying the names etc. to the amazement of the library staff. On Sundays they set up games out the front of the museum for the kids and adults. Hence the huge Lego etc in the photo. Just as well they had the games there because our lunch took close on an hour to be served. Rachel took Ryan in to see Leonardo daVinci's inventions at the museum, while we explored the rest of the museum for the umpteenth timein our lives. There are always changes occuring thank goodness. Anyway each time we go the next child is really interested in what is around them, this time it was Bethany. Boy she is a bright spark, full of questions and remembering everything as well. Check out Rachel's blog link.
We got so much out of it and it helps Rachel to have extra adults around. Talking about Rachel. Paul and Rachel are doing a great job in helping the kids adjust to their separation. The kids are not showing any signs of stress about the big changes in their lives and it can't be easy on all concerned. I think they should write a parenting book on how to handle the "extended parenting". I haven't seen Rachel so settled in a long time , she is even starting to put some weight on she says. I think that would be in her little finger. Another great day had by all.

A Day out with Nicole and Raff's Children

Two weeks ago we had Ella and Charlotte over and we took them out to the Barossa for a drive to find a playground. We stumbled across the Herbig family tree.
It was huge as you can see from the photo of the girls at the bottom of the tree. They were months before they all have another baby to add to their familyamazed that 16 children grew up inside the hollow of the tree with their parents. We were amazed that anyone would have that many kids in those conditions. The girls were wonderful as , we enjoyed a long time at the playground at Lyndoch . I pretended to get stuck on the slippery dip . I won't show you that photo it would scare you . We always appreciate every moment we have with our children and grandchildren. We know the kids enjoy their free time and the grandchildren enjoy the extra attention from us. It is a win win situation. Just over 3 months before their third child will be here. Nicole is blossoming. She looks beautiful. I get very emotional to think our daughter is carrying another baby. Wow! Raff is so very busy but to his credit his time he spends with the kids is quality time.