Thursday, June 19, 2008

Our perfect grandchildren

Nick and I have just had the best evening out. We were invited to a school might think ho hum.. it was fantastic. The Gawler East Primary are blessed to have a wonderful and talented Arts and Drama teacher. Somehow he pulled together a performance of some 240 kids for a very memorable play called A MidWinters dream. The music was haunting , the costumes extraordinary and the dance disciplines were so inspiring. These children were between 7 and I think 11 and 12. It was very emotional to see the the kids having a ball. Talk about teamwork . Bethany was a harlequin and was in one of the dance scenes. We were seated on the other side to where Bethany was performing so we couldn't see her personally. It was beautiful to watch and very colourful. Ryan was a principal drummer..yes drummer. Until the auditions he had never played before but was selected. he was seriously brilliant. Now I know we might be biased but I had many people come up to me at work today and after tonights event raving about his performance. They had three performances all up. It was fantastic to see his dedication. He really is a great and natural musician. He plays piano as well.Well done kids. It is late now . I will post some photos and video later.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Sophie is 3

Sophie is three going on 10. A very clever little person.She is very confident in some ways such as her language skills and her place in her family as the youngest of four. She is very frightened of animals particulary our dog Rufus ....who is very aged he is waiting for Adam and Eva to come home before he goes to dog heaven... and Nicoles' cat Harry. The other day she said she only likes Lump... their cat that died a couple of years ago. She is so cute as all the grandkids are. She had a prolonged birthday which was great for her. It is fantastic going out for dinner with everyone as we did for her birthday. The chidren are so well behaved. The older ones helping with the younger ones. They all adore Lucy...nearly one and about to walk .