Monday, February 18, 2008

Ah! Grandkids

Mondays are my favourite day. It is the day I take Rachels 4 children to and from School, childcare etc. .Sometimes I also get to pick up Ella as well. Today was one of those days. Hannah and Ella are as thick as thieves at the moment. Coming home on way home from School the girls were having a conversation in the back seat it went like this and I quote " how did you learn to talk?" Answer" I learned to talk from the show the teletubbies" the answer to that was "so did I" Well I burst out laughing and so did Ryan. Anyone who has ever heard and seen that show would know that would not be how you learnt to talk. Nicole... Ella knows that you have been eating chocolate she looks in the bin to see what you have been eating. You know how I know. She told the woman in the book shop. Nothing is sacred. Just a tip from me put it in the green bin outside she is not tall enough to see in there. out of the mouth of babes. I love Mondays

Saturday, February 16, 2008


We have had our fair share of catering over the last few months. February has been particularly busy. we have catered for 3 very different weddings . All have been in the country which is lovely. I felt I had to blog about todays though. We catered for 37 on a houseboat. He supplied the hot finger food ...he has a mate that works for Bidvest. They supply pre -made food. You know the kind... very salty very fatty and leaves a yuck taste in the mouth. We are food snobs I decided today. We are used to making our own food so we basically were the hired help to heat and serve this food. Well, people were asking us what things were and what was in it. Didn't really enjoy that part of it. We have standards we are proud of. We supplied and served a few platters of our own prepared cold finger food. The house boat wedding was great. They married on the banks of the river. It was very pretty though very hot it reached at least 36 in Gawler. As we started to prepare the food for the platters all of a sudden I started to feel very sick. We were moored at the edge of the river and every time a jetski or speed boat flew fast the boat rocked.. not violently very gently that was the problem. . I held it together just but everytime I put my head down to do something that feeling overcame me. It really was very casual and they only celebrated with their best friends and family the way it should be.The photo I have supplied is the gift they gave to their guests and to us. Say no more.