Sunday, August 24, 2008


Ryan at the Book Week parade... impressed the principal she took his photo. It was a dare carried out with aplomb

Our new playground

Papas lovely pair of broccoli

Rachel and her "echidna" icecream cake

our new status symbol.. thanks guys for all your help with cementing and your strength

Ella is 6

Lucy is already did that happen

Thanks guys for our Christmas present .We had a fantastic weekend in the hills

A trip to the lucky are we to be able to take the kids to the circus.

Christmas in July at the Yacht Club ...Sue [Evas mum] looks like she had too much mulled wine. She didn't. It was great to spend time with Chris as well

The whole family went to the Rec Centre for the Roller skating.

Home coming

Eva and Adam are coming home in 3 weeks. Yahoo! Yahoo! Yahoo! Poor old Rufus, he is need of a good brushing. Only Eva can do that, and it has been 2 years. They finally will get to meet their youngest niece Lucy who will be 15 months old then. Nicole can finally celebrate her 30th. She is about to turn 32 along with Adam who is also 30 now. So much has happened in the two years since they left to travel and work overseas. Because of blogger we have all managed to stay in touch and they have been able to see first hand their family changing and growing. The children have also seen many photos of them as well so they remember what they look like. Eva's parents will be hanging out to see them as will Chris her brother. Adam's sisters are so excited that they will get to see their brother and their sister in law again. It will be so weird for us to have them back in the fold. It will be even weirder for them to come home to this country after so long away. To come home to a normal life..I wonder if they will be off again soon. I know we would be if we had the chance. Either way if they are here for the long or the short term we welcome them back with so much joy. Can't wait for those hugs. They will miss Scotland and The George and they will be missed there as well I am sure, as they have worked and lived in the same place for nearly 2 years. But it is our turn. Come on those 3 weeks.