Monday, November 12, 2007

Here we go again

I had my 6 month checkup with my doctor last week. Because I had some fast growing lesions that proved to be carcinogenic removed 6 months ago I need to be checked regularly. He found this inocuous spot... looks like a pimple on my calf muscle that he found this time and another on my face. I am going now to have them removed. Hannah is home today and wanted to come and watch until I told her he would sew me up with a needle and thread. She said when I was growing up sunscreen wasn't invented in the olden days. She is right. We had zinc cream only and didn't like applying that because it always got in your eyes when we got sweaty. Must go now...... I am back now. That was very sore today. I feel a bit down because I also got results from blood tests today and my Cholesterol level has only decreased slightly from9.6 and it is now 8.5. I have had elevated levels for years and seriously have been working on trying to get it down. He said no more, its not working and I need to go on tablets. Bugger to that! I hate taking pills but the alternative is I may not see our grandchildren grow up.