Monday, October 22, 2007

Birthday Girl.

Hi to Adam and Eva , Happy Birthday Eva for today. Can't believe you have been away for 2 birthdays. It has certainly flown. We all hope you are having a great day where-ever you are. Have a drink for us. I was going to give you your present but you already have him Love to the both of you. Hi from all of the in-laws.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

School Holidays

Lucy embarrased to be seen with us
At the top of the lighthouse Lucy at 3 months
I was very lucky to be out and about with Nicole and 5 of our grandchildren on Monday. We travelled to the Port to the Maritime Museum. It was an interesting morning for the kids. Except Lucy (now 3 months old) all she wanted to do was sleep and feed. We do have some great sources of information in Adelaide for a fairly reasonable cost. Ryan was excited because he found his family name on the ships registers. The passenger lists for ships coming to S.A. are available on the computers set up at the museum. His family member on his dads side came out here from Hamburg in 1855. Ryan was pumped about that. It was great to see he has an interest in his heritage. Thanks to his Nanny who has compiled a family tree. All the children were fantastic and we were able to spend time with them as we didn't have the youngest two with us. They were happily in childcare together. We also climbed the lighthouse at the wharf with great views over the Port and Adelaide. It was great to be with inquisitive kids. To have the chance to do this all over again as we did with our own children is one of the joys of our life.To top off the day we visited Rachel at work to see where she goes on Mondays , the kids loved that as well. Thanks for the loan of your kids guys.

Monday, October 01, 2007

Time to catch up

It is certainly time to catch up with what has been happening over the last couple of months. We have been backfor 3 months since visiting Adam and Eva in Europe . It seems like forever ago. We always are glad when the football season is over. It seems to take up most weekends for 6 months. We will around until Jan09. No long trips overseas until then. I need to stay home to work to cover our shop manager who is leaving to have twins. She is on maternity leave. Oh well we will be able to do some work on our home and garden. We are in a serious drought situation here so we all need to rethink what we use water for. We will try and have a weekend off every now and then. We are going to Sydney with Nicole ,Raff and their 3 children for 5 days in late November. We are going to climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge can't wait for that. I have been lucky enough to be able to go to a few school functions. That is a great advantage of working part-time. I was able to help the staff for an Indonesian cooking session with Ellas class. Our girls and Paul also had a stint with their children. I really enjoyed it. The photos are of book week assembly. On Saturday we hosted our dinner party post dated for my birthday. Before that, earlier that day we watched the football grand final between one of our local teams and a Victorian team. The team happened to be our sons' team that he follows. They haven't won a flag for 41 years. It was exciting to say the least as they won with a resounding victory. I called Adam throughout the game to help him have a little bit of the action, they were not able to see the game in the middle of Germany. They are off travelling again. Lucky Buggers! Back to the dinner party.

Photo:Adam and Eva snuck home for our dinner party
We had a great night catching up with Sue and Steve(Evas parents), Sue and Bernie(friends from a long while back) and my sister Julie. Rachel our eldest gave me the dinner party as a birthday present . What a present it was! She prepared all the food from pre dinner nibbles to even supplying some delicious chocolates. The food was divine to say the least. WEedidn't have to pay, to prepare to cook or to serve. She cleared the table between and cleaned the kitchen. She wouldn't cook for us the next night though. Rachel, thankyou for the sentiments you expressed also. Nick and I are so blessed to have such thoughtful kids. We are always able to help them when they need us and that is returned by them 10 fold. it was a great time that we had thanks also for Rachel for choosing our wine to compliment the food and for also supplying them as well. I keep waiting for the bill.We went for a huge walk today along the River Torrens linear park. It was a beautiful day . It is always fantastic when we can spend time together. Even after 35 years together.