Monday, April 14, 2008

Jekyll and Hyde

I found this gem from Bethany [7] written for Hannah[5] her sister. I don't think she gave it to her. Sometimes you shake your head in amazement at what comes out of kids heads not long after world war three was happening with the very same person. Love the blessing!Bethany is going through a very interesting time with me . She is testing me out constantly. Seeing how far she can push the boundaries. Very interesting times to say the least. It makes me think how it must be for grandparents taking on the parenting role full time. Maybe I need to go back to parenting school. Somehow I don't think much has changed since her Mum was her age. Never a dull moment. Love them all to bits. P.S. In case you can't read it . dear Hannah you are a good sister I bless you a fantastic life when you grow up. if you have any children I hope they are as helpful as you are. Love Bibby