Thursday, December 27, 2007

It has been a while

We have been to Sydney since I last blogged. We had a ball. We originally booked to go to help look after Nicole and Raff's 3 children while they attended an I. T. conference. The plans changed but we went anyway.

We finally climbed to the top of the Harbour Bridge after meeting lots of well travelled international tourists who had done "The Climb" and were surprised that we hadn't done it considering we lived in Australia. It was well worth the expense and was such a great experience. Nicole and Raff also did the same while we looked after the kids.

We took them to Lunar Park which was a bit ordinary. The kids enjoyed it and there was a wicked merry go round. It was the first time we have baby sat Lucy who was 4 months old at the time. She was great.

Photo: The family enjoying lunch with a million dollar view.

It rained on and off for a good part of our 5 nights in Sydney, except when we went to Taronga Park Zoo. We have been before , but to go with young ones was fantastic. It was hot!

Sorry Adam this is what Rufus looks like

The lead up to Christmas was frantic as usual. Rachel and I had a heap of catering jobs small and large which took a fair bit of juggling with me working more hours and with all the functions the grandchildren have with School, kindy and childcare all celebrating in the same week. Thank goodness for Nicole helping out as well with the kids.

The annual Christmas pageant was attended by all of us along with Julie, Lee and Tobias. It was great to watch the kids faces. With 7 grandchildren around we know we are alive. It is sooo much fun to be involved with them.

The child care that Sophie and Charlotte go to celebrated end of year with a Twilight family picnic at the school. It was a wonderful night. To watch the older siblings faces watch on as the little ones sang and danced for us was priceless. It was well attended by parents, grandparents and staff. It was such a good feeling being there. We have a lovely community here in Gawler.
We are so lucky as are the kids. Ella had her ballet concert. Wewere able to attend her evening performance.
The funniest thing was seeing her fast asleep on the way to the concert. I wonder how many others did the same. It is a big day. Hence the photo

Our christmas dinner this year was on a cruiser on the River Murray. We left from Mannum after an hour bus ride from Gawler. It was a 2 storey modern boat, with 2 kitchens and berths for 10. We had 50 of us on board for a 5 hour cruise. It was all put on by our wonderful bosses. The night would have to be the most relaxing Christmas dinner we have ever had. Food was constantly put in front of us. It was great and the start of the bulge again. I have just lost 6kgms . Oh well it is Christmas.
Next was Carols by candlelight in the park in the city by our river. Nicole and Raff opted to stay home this time .
It is way too hard with a baby. We loved spending that time with Rachel and her cherubs, as they were that night. Even if the fire works were yucky according to Sophie 2.5 years old. Sophie says "me no love fireworks". It is always a great lead up to Christmas. We are constantly missing Adam and Eva at these family events.

Charlotte was 3 on Christmas day . She celebrated with a party on the Sat before. That was great to see her enjoy her" first" birthday party. She is a crackup that one.
Christmas rolled on with the most glorious weather. It was held at my sister Rosalies' this year. The sad part was no great grandpas attended . They both decided not to come . The kids were all fantastic of course.We opted not to buy presents this year for nieces and nephews but instead to donate to a charity of our choice if we wished. Boxing day is the day our kids and grandchildren receive their presents from us. This year the winner was a Wii for Rachel's kids ...mind you I think Rachel was most excited ...and a cubby for Nicole's kids. Rachel and the kids have been saving up for a Wii for sometime. They had saved $100 towards it. When Ryan saw their present he was so excited and he came straight up to us and offered to give us the money they had saved. That was so thoughtful for a 9 year old. But that is Ryan. I told him he could put it towards a holiday we are all having in Queensland in October. The children are very thankful for what they receive. It all comes down to good parenting! It has been a wonderful year. Everyone has been well in our immediate family, although my dad and Nicks' Dad are not well. Can't believe 2007 is nearly done with. Even Ryan our 9 year old grandson said that Christmas came quick this year. Merry Christmas and a healthy , safe New Year to all who read this.