Sunday, February 25, 2007

Nick has survived another year

Photo: Impromptu BBQ (Charlotte forgot to bring clothes)
Nick has had a really relaxing birthday this last weekend. I won't say how old he is but he is as fit as he was in his 30s. We spent the Saturday day at a swimming pool with a water slide. That kept most of the kids happy . Hannah (3.5) can't wait until she is big enough to go on it. Ryan(8) can't wait until he realises his mum carries out her ultimatums , which means sitting at the pool fully clothed, watching all have fun. Will he learn? Our girls certainly follow through on their parenting skills. Good to see. Consistency is one of the keys to a successful relationship with your children.

Sunday lunch at our beautiful Henley Beach . It was only 30degrees c but felt hotter. It was a glorious day. The kids gave us a canvas print of one of our favourite photos taken at the beach in Cuba. It is huge and it looks fantastic. It was a very thoughful gift. Thanks guys. The grandchildren were so well behaved .They are a delight to go out with, even at a posh restaurant. Thanks for the lunch everyone. We still miss Adam and Eva at our family gatherings it is a huge chunk missing. Adam called from Scotland at 5 am. their time .He had inbibed a few wee drams for Nick and was standing alongside the Loch ... complete opposite to where we were. That was kind of him wasn't it.Adam and Eva are holidaying in Spain and France for a few days. Only 11 weeks before we head off to see them. Lee our niece in Ghana messaged Nick. He was chuffed about that. On a sad note.. Damiano , Raffs' dad died at the young age of 54. He was waiting for a liver transplant. It has been very emotional time for Nicole and Raff. The familys' wishes were for Ella (4.5) to not attend the hospital or the funeral . It created a lot of angst to say the least between Raff and his stepmum. Ella wanted to say goodbye so they took her and Nicole sat at the back with us. Raff was a pallbearer. To see his face as he walked out of the church it was heartbreaking. So much unsaid. May he find peace of mind. It was the best thing to take Ella and she went unnoticed . She was as quiet as a mouse. Children are so perceptive. Raff has lost both parents . So young they were. Live life to the fullest. . Lucky buggers! Bye for now.

Friday, February 16, 2007

Travelling Wilburys( well Yacoumis's)

Photo; And off she goes .Is she 'Ghana 'make it on time?

Photo: Rachel[our eldest] me, Nick ,Nicole[our middle child] and her husband Raff. at Lees 21st.
note Nicoles baby bump

Off they go again. Our darling niece and nephew have flown the coop together. They are travelling to opposite ends of the world. Paul has returned to N.Z. to work to get back home to Oz to save to travel again. Lee has just turned 21 which was celebrated in style with half of Adelaide. On the Monday we saw Lee off to Ghana to volunteer , working with AIDS sufferers. We are very proud of her she is certainly is stepping outside of her comfort zone. Ahh! the next generation. They have the world at their feet. To travel, to experience , to make a difference. Go girl !My sister Julie has an empty nest for awhile. The best thing for Julie is she is starting her first accountancy position on Monday and boy is our family very proud of her. She has gone to Uni. as a mature student to achieve her degree with a very good result and has a graduate position . Well done and good luck to her for the future. They will be back. I have a feeling it won't be long though before they will be on their next adventure.We know what that is like. We have itchy feet again..we have only been back for10 weeks.

Photo; Paul [our nephew],
,Lee [our niece] and Julie [my sister].

We are indeed very fortunate to have the means and the will to travel and so far the good health
to go with it.
Photo: David[Nicks brother] also Paul and Lees Dad, Tobias [Lees personal backpack outfitter], Paul and Nicks Dad, Peter.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Feeling better now

This week promises to be more organised. Thank god for that. My trouble is the older I get , the more impatient I am when things interrupt my plans. I had a long talk to Adam and Eva on skype that was great. They are still enjoying their work in Scotland and are going to stay longer. That gives us the opportunity to visit them. We need to use our frequent flyer points so we HAVE to go . We leave on 15th. may and return on the 15th. June. We will be back in time for Sophies 2nd. birthday on the 16th. and Nicole, Raffs, Ellas and Charlottes baby due end of June. We are very fortunate to have great bosses that allow us to take time off without losing our jobs. Adam and Eva are paid for their holidays so they are taking time off to travel with us for 2 to 3 weeks. That will be great.We have been quite busy with our catering business . I think Rachel is on a winner here. She will be very successful one day as the business is growing at a good pace. Lucky she gives me time off as well. I visited my friendly Dr. Anthony on Friday .. he really is so nice. I knew when I was summoned to his office that the results of the lesions I had removed were not going to be great. One of the them on my neck below the ear lobe was the worst one because it grew within 3 weeks and was not a good carcinoma. The other one on the top of the nose was a different kind of cancer . It grew over a matter of months. Both of them are all gone he assured me He took 5mm. depth that was tested to 3mm of carcinoma. I had a complete body check... everyone should have that done every year at least. I need to go every 6 months now forever because it grew so quickly. It just goes to show something as innocuous as a pimple looking thing is still worth getting it looked at. Twice now , early detection is the best prevention. Now for the lecture. Please slip, slap, slop and regular pap smear tests. Females are also very susceptible below the knees as we always wore skirts so check there as well I also had 8 burnt from the back of my hands ... another common place to look. It is not hereditary but purely sun damage. It is preventable . I was lucky again. Anyway Nick is complaining I don't have enough life insurance. All went well with Rachel and Paul and the kids. It is still a big adventure. Nick and I wish them all the very best for the future.