Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Local tourist

The ferry arrived at Devonport at 6am. It was about an hour before we were on our way as we had to pass through quarantine to make sure no diseases or pests arrive on Tasmania.
First thought was breakfast and coffee.
Petrol was a bit low, so a visit to a fuel station was required.
Note to self, next time fill up on the mainland. Diesel is $1.68 a litre here. The service attendant suggested Bella's for breakfast.
It was open and we had breakfast and that much needed coffee.
Reading the local paper and we saw that there was a market at nearby Latrobe, so off we headed.
We stocked up on local fresh produce.
We also saw that there was a mural display  at Sheffield and thought it would be worth a look so off we headed. On the way we drove through Railton. The home of topiary.

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